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The members of Free Shrugs Improv began performing improvisational comedy in 2002 as Improv Thing.  They started by providing entertainment at church parties and other social functions.  “We saw a need for family-friendly entertainment options in our community,” explains founding member Brian Dumont.  “Since nobody else was doing it, we decided we would.”

In 2014 they reformed as Free Shrugs Improv and today they host regular open-to-the-public shows for a general audience of all ages.  Brian Dumont along with Chris Dennis, Rachel Whittaker, Larry Moshkosky and Cassie Davis met at Mount Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan and each have decades of theater experience.  Their presentation is an interactive series of skits and games billed as “Clean Comedy.” 

“It’s kind of like that TV show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’” said Dumont.  “…except we keep it clean.  It’s extremely difficult to visit a comedy club these days or even go to the movies without being exposed to inappropriate content.  We want to provide something you can bring your kids and your grandparents to so we can all laugh together without being offended.”


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Larry Moshkosky was born in a small town outside of Los Angeles called Lansing Michigan. Raised by hard working parents, he quickly learned ways to avoid work and took to the science of stink bombs in neighbors mailboxes and strapping bottle rockets to his sisters Barbie dolls. The latter he referred to as a “Barbie-Q.” As the youngest brother to 5 older sisters, he learned it was possible to give family members PTSD and that he couldn’t outrun his sisters.


When Rachel isn’t making people laugh hysterically along with the Free Shrugs crew, she is probably busy binge watching a tv show. Her all-time favorite invention is the DVR. Although that is interfering with her current obsession which is trying not to sit so much. Rachel loves to travel whether for work, play or to do more improv! She has two nieces, and when spending time with them practices her many different ‘voices’.


Cassie's  Quote

Cassie Davis is married to our guest musician, Jacob Davis, and they have two awesome kids, Sophia and Oliver. She graduated from Spring Arbor University with a bachelors degree in Art Education. When Cassie isn't on stage acting like a goof, she's running her licensed daycare.... acting like a goof. She is also a free lance artist specializing in illustrations, murals, and pyrography. Cassie is crazy in love with Jesus and loves sharing the joy He's put in her through caring for little ones, creating art, and performing comedy! 

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